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Harish Readdy, Sr. Executive Maintenance

Valvoline Cummins Pvt. Ltd.
All the online machine are working in good condition, the design, MOC, shape & working of it is good. Machine operation is good, easy to understand & user friendly. barrel line induction sealing m/c i.e. contact type sealing m/c is easy to use but the head design has been to be slightly changed

Dr. S.N. Gawade

Chief Manager, R.C.F.

M/S R Technologies have provide machines to R. C. F Ltd. for last 15 years. The machine are with minimum maintanance and working fine. There are no major breakdowns since installation. We are satisfied with the performance of the machine.

Rohit Surve

Assi. Manager
We are using since last 10 years. Induction Cap Sealing machine. The efficiency of machine is very good at minimum maintenance cost