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Priyaa Expanded Mesh Pvt. Ltd. have been serving entire Expand metal Gratings and Expanded Metal Mesh industry. We are serving clients from different verticals – Infrastructure firms, Petroleum Industries, Builders, Manufacturing Companies as well as Government Organizations.

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Priyaa Expanded Mesh Private Limited (PEMPL) is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of products that includes Building Facades, Expanded Metal Mesh & Metal Gratings in ferrous & non ferrous metals.

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Highly Durable

Because expanded metal strands are actually a single piece of material instead of a bunch of individual wires, expanded metal mesh tend to last longer than their wire mesh counterparts.

Weighs Less

Flattened stainless steel expanded metal has a flatter surface that may be better for materials-handling applications to help distribute weight or prevent parts from sticking to the expanded metal grating.

Stronger Than Wire Mesh

With woven or welded steel wire, many weak individual wires are joined to create. However, when the weight of a held part or material load falls on a particular wire, that wire has to support the weight by itself.

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