Expanded Stainless Steel Mesh

Expanded Stainless Steel Mesh

Expanded Stainless Steel Mesh is constructed from a single solid sheet of compressed and stretched material. The enlarged metal grating is ideal for heavyweight bespoke parts cleaning applications and allowing air movement and drainage.

There are two types of Expanded Stainless Steel Mesh: regular and flattened. As it comes out of the expanding machine, the metal is referred to as “standard expanded metal.” On the other hand, flattened expanded metal is what happens when ordinary expanded metal is run through a cold rolling steel mill to flatten the expanded stainless steel mesh.

The application dictates whether flattened or regular expanded stainless steel mesh is used. Because the higher centres of the links prevent liquids from gathering in the basket, standard expanded metal is frequently more suitable for parts washing applications. On the other hand, flattened expanded metal may be more beneficial for specific parts handling applications or for slightly lightening larger custom mesh baskets by thinning out the metal mesh.

PEMPL Expanded Stainless Steel Mesh provides the best overall value and long-term life cycle, making it a more cost-effective Manufacturer in India, UK, USA, and Canada. It boasts a high strength-to-weight ratio and a beautiful, contemporary appearance. Our extended stainless steel metal mesh is made from cut and stretched sheet metal with diamond, round, square, and hexagonal shaped apertures. We also offer the most incredible assortment of mesh patterns available, which can be produced in various shapes and sizes to fit your requirements.

Our in-house fabrication department is stocked with top-of-the-line tools and equipment. We can collaborate with you to create a bespoke solution for your job-specific applications, no matter how “unusual” they are.

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