R Technology – The Manufacture of Perfect Induction Cap Sealing Machine


Quality is our first concern whenever we acquire a product for personal use, such as drugs, drinks or cosmetics. There are several factors by which we evaluate quality. The safety of a product is another essential consideration.

Quality and safety are symbolised by a product delivered in a decent package with appropriate sealing, no leaks, and tamper evidence. Ingredients are guaranteed to be intact and shelf-stable with the help of the packaging. A product’s packaging is a top priority for companies.

As well as being environmentally sustainable, user-friendly and not overly costly, packaging should conform to the object being packaged. When it comes to packing, induction sealing is a suitable option for all needs.

What is Induction Cap Sealing Machine?

The induction cap sealing method may be explained in a few sentences. Induction heating is used to seal the bottle mouth with the liner within the cap. As the bottle is passed beneath the cap sealing machine’s head, the cap is sealed without touch.

The cap’s lining is made up of many layers. To seal a container, a magnetic field must be created by passing the container beneath it. As the aluminium foil liner that seals the container’s mouth is heated by the eddy current, the container’s mouth is sealed.

With the cap closed, this non-invasive technique creates an airtight seal on the container. The contents are not affected by this process. Various plastic and glass containers are sealed using induction.

 What is Cap sealing Liner?

Knowing about the liner is crucial to understanding the induction sealing process. There are many layers of liner in the cap, each with a particular purpose. Pulpboard, wax, aluminium foil, and polymer are among the layers.

Soft and bonded to the cap, the pulp board is composed of a thin layer of paper. While being heated by induction, the wax melts and is absorbed into the pulp packing, releasing the foil. Polymer coating melts and closes foil on the mouth of the container with melting polymer coating.


Why Induction Cap Sealing?

Why should one select an induction cap sealing machine is the essential question? Customers and manufacturers should be aware of the advantages of this packing choice.

Cost-effective, leak-resistant, tamper-evident, assured quality, eco-friendly, higher productivity, and longer shelf life are just a few of the perks.

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